10 Things to do in Alicante

There are loads of things to do in Alicante. This destination is well known for being filled with white sandy beaches. With the thought of relaxation and sun, it is the perfect place to visit. But Alicante is not only a destination for relaxation, it also has everything you would want for an exciting and […]

We’ve Redecorated!

Since buying Casa Estrellas in November 2017, we have redecorated the entire apartment so that it is fresh and clean from the start.  We have completely refurbished as we wanted to make if feel more homely and inviting.  Although this also meant missing a few weeks sunbathing next to our pool, we definitely feel it […]

Make the most of Easter in Spain

Easter in Spain is seen as one of the most important celebration. It is more commonly known as Semana Santa, meaning Holy Week. They celebrate their country’s Roman Catholic heritage throughout the entire week before Easter Sunday. The first day of La Semana Santa is Palm Sunday. Locals will go to church and carry either […]