10 Things to do in Alicante

There are loads of things to do in Alicante. This destination is well known for being filled with white sandy beaches. With the thought of relaxation and sun, it is the perfect place to visit. But Alicante is not only a destination for relaxation, it also has everything you would want for an exciting and adventurous holiday.

1. Castle of Santa Barbara

Located at the top of a mountain, this castle has great view of Alicante as well as an amazing history. The Museum of the City of Alicante is located within the castle. Featuring 10 exhibition halls full of knowledge on the history of the city.  

2. Casco Antiguo

This little village show everything Alicante is about. With white walls and colourful balconies and doorsteps, you will feel right at home whilst taking in the spain culture. Located on a hillside by the castle, there are steep hills and many steps, but rest assured there are plenty of cafes and restaurants fort you to pass through.

3. Postiguet Beach

With Alicante being the home to a wide array of beaches, you will have a few options of where you want to go. Our personal favourite is Playa del Postiguet. It’s not the biggest beach Alicate has to offer, but it is located close to town and provides you with plenty of gorgeous white sand and glistening sea. As it is close to town, it means there are plenty of cafes and restaurants for you to choose from.

4. Boat trip

There is a huge range of boat trip for you to choose so you can get the sea experience you want. This can include exploring caves, snorkelling, swimming or just a relaxing boat cruise down the coast. All of these boat rides allow you to discover a part of Alicante. Depending on the experience you choose, the boat rides can last from one hour to all day with many of them including lunch or dinner on the sea.

5. Canelobre Caves

These caves are believe to date back as far as 740AD. The stunning caves have been created naturally over the past seven million years by water eroding the limestone rock. With all natural caves, you can ensure the most gorgeous surroundings and breathtaking view. With the history within these caves and the opportunity to experience natural beauty, these caves are a must see!

6. Guadalest Valley

Situated just one hour out of alicante, Guadalest Valley boasts mountainous views as far as the eye can see with a mesmerising blue lake at the base. Historically the valley was of great military importance. The ruins and structures of these ancient times can still be seen to this day. A few hundred meters from the lake itself you can find the town of Guadalest. The town has only 200 permanent residents. With the major occupation being related to tourism, there are small gift shops around town allowing you to purchase souvenirs commemorating your stay. Due to its remote location the area still remains the true to the rustic spanish experience.

7. Local vineyard

Alicante is lucky enough to be home to some great wineries and vineyards. It is highly recommended to take a wine tour and experience some of the best wines Alicante has to offer. Most of the tours will show you through the process of making the wine as well as offering wine tasting so you can experience the different wines that are produced in the winery.

8. Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island is a beautiful little island located south of alicante. With just a short boat ride from the coast of Santa Pola you trade the clutter of the mainland for the tranquility of this small rock. Despite only being 400 meters wide there a plenty of shops and restaurants for you to experience. If shopping is not your thing, there are two beaches, a island museum and a large sundial for you to check out during your visit.

9. MACA Contemporary Art Museum of Alicante

Previously used as a wheat granary, a jail and a school, this building is now the Contemporary Art Museum. The majority of exhibits are created by local artists but also hosts an area for local artist Eusebio Sempere. The Museum has floors displaying four exhibition halls as well as a library, workshop space and an event hall.

10. El Palmeral

A beautiful destination that allows you to experience peace and quiet. The tranquil destination is home to over 11,000 palm trees with fountains and waterfalls dotted around for you to discover. With a play area and rowing boats also available, everyone will be able to enjoy this park. We would recommend packing a picnic and spending the day surrounded by the beautiful garden.

Casa Estrellas

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